Black and White

In a world of black and white, I curse myself for being grey. Yet if I were made to stand out, why do I try so hard to fit in? What is it like to lose your identity? What happens when you feel your individuality becoming that of your day to day routine? When was... Continue Reading →

Always Sunny

The sun does not always shine in paradise. Thankfully. If the sun were always shining, we would be blinded by its light, and blinded to the smaller, beautiful things in life.

Mr. Silhouette

I see you there.Why do you always come in the darkest times?Lightning will crash and thunder will roar; you do not seem to shudder in this storm.The wind will billow, the rain will claw at the windows; yet you stand unmoved.The oak down by the creek, will ache and moan and wish to be free,... Continue Reading →

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