Sprout with Bitterness or Grow with Grace

I often used the expression, “life is about to happen.” Once, when I spoke about my future plans like this, a friend stopped me and corrected me, “life is happening now”. He was right. It is terribly easy to become caught up in planning for college, or as dual credit students, staying on top of homework, planning what degrees we’ll study for, what careers we’d like, etc. Sometimes, I forget that right now is happening. Of course I am preparing for the future, but this moment right now was once a time that existed only in my thoughts as well.

If I am not careful, I could miss the future altogether. 

I am a planner through and through. I have so many to do lists, and lists for my lists. I love checking off a box; it gives me a visual of getting closer to my goal. Unfortunately, I cannot live life like this. 

-finish classes with an A; check. 

-always have a clean room; check.  If only it were that easy.

Everything requires work, of that I am aware. I always had this sense of, “if I could just get to this point, then I will be fine from there.” Life is not a race. There is no finish line on this earth that I’ll cross and suddenly have all of my problems disappear.

Life is a garden. Gardens require a good amount of work. The end result is beautiful, but it requires a lot of growing. In order for there to be growth, you must first break. Break the earth so you can plant seeds. And then the seeds themselves must be completely broken down. To an untrained eye, this looks like complete and utter destruction. 

But after you have broken down what is necessary, eventually a little green begins to show. Over time, this gets bigger, and multiplies. There, you have growth. But as all gardens do, sometimes there are weeds that come along to kill your progress. These weeds can come in many forms, and must be pulled. It might hurt a little bit, but it is necessary in order for your growth to continue. Sometimes there may be a thornbush that sits in the corner of your garden. Trying to remove it can hurt, a lot. It’s okay if that thornbush sits there until you are strong enough to take it out. 

Your garden will be as beautiful as you make it, and it will not look like anyone else’s garden. It is okay if you have a small flower and someone has an entire orchard. As long as you put the work in, and actually work, you will reap the benefits. A garden is going to need constant work; it is not a one and done kind of deal. Every day you are sowing some kind of seed; make sure it is something you want to reap the benefits of. Seeds come in the forms of actions and words, which is why it is vital to remember to show kindness and extend grace to those around you. 

Everyone has a past, and everyone is tending to their own gardens.
You can either sprout with bitterness, or grow with grace.

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