You’re Beautiful

I see Your face in every sunrise

The colors of the morning are inside Your eyes

The world awakens in the light of the day

I look up to the sky and say

You’re beautiful

This song has always struck a chord within me. It is such a soft song. I remember watching the Tambourine & Dance team with their ribbons on Sunday mornings; each graceful movement falling right in line with the beat of the song.

Eventually, the song fell out of rotation, and it faded from memory.

A few weeks ago, I left for work a little later than I would have preferred, leaving at 6:10am rather than 5:45. By this time, the sun was already casting its rays across the highway to the east as stars were beginning to fade out in the west. Seeing the sky split between day and night is something almost surreal.

I see Your power in the moonlit night

Where planets are in motion and galaxies are bright

We are amazed in the light of the stars

It’s all proclaiming who You are

You’re beautiful

Maybe it was sleep deprivation, or maybe it was the fact I had been too focused on planning every moment of my life that I was not living in the moment, but I pulled my car over on the bridge and sat in awe at the rising sun. Underneath, the highway was just waking up, and I knew a train would come rushing by within the hour. The tranquil night was gearing up for a roaring day. I wondered about every car that was passing, all the people who were presumably driving to work. What do they think about? What are their stories?

Time seemed to slow down, as it does when you finally savor the moment. The sun continued to shine, the sky was changing colors, and the stars were fading out. The only word to describe such a moment was “beautiful”. From the depths of my mind came this song, faintly intertwining with the hum of the highway. I mulled over the meaning of the song, and I had a Moment.

This is a love song.

This song is a simple, beautiful melody.But it is such a pure profession of love.  You’re beautiful. I don’t need profound analogies to describe God. I can easily get too caught up in trying to find deeper meanings in everything that we miss the meaning completely. I can easily make things about religion, and doing everything right; or at least pretending I’m doing everything right. I’m so caught up in making my own plans for my life and doing my best to get to where I want to be, that I am not paying any attention to what God’s plan is for me, or where He wants me to be. Where does He want me to be? Right next to Him.

I see You there hanging on a tree

You bled and then you died and then you rose again for me

Now You are sitting on Your heavenly throne

Soon we will be coming home

You’re beautiful

God does not need anything from me. But He wants me. He wants my whole heart and mind; He wants me to fall as much in love with Him as He is with me. God has already proven His love for me with the greatest act of love; sending His son to die in my place for the chance that I might choose to love Him. God is head over heels in love with me, and wants to spend every moment with me.

Think about that. This is where free will just blows my mind. God knows everything from beginning to end. Yet the Creator of the universe, the One who specifically created each star, and put every detail on every flower, gave us free will. He lets us make our own decisions. So much so that He let Jesus die for us all for the chance that we MIGHT choose to love Him.Let that sink in.

Jesus was beaten, tortured, and killed  for us on the off-chance that we might accept Him as our Saviour. Who even loves someone that much?

Would you die for someone that may not ever come to be thankful for what you did? For someone who slanders your name? For someone who may never love you?

Free will ensures sincerity. If God forced us to love Him, what would the benefit be? If your child were forced to tell you they loved you every single day at the same time, do you think there is actually love there?

When we arrive at eternity’s shore

Where death is just a memory and tears are no more

We’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring

Your bride will come together and we’ll sing

You’re beautiful

Love songs. Can you imagine what it will be like when you are finally able to see God’s face, to see the love He has for you in all of its glory?

He shows His love for us every day, it’s painted across the sky. God is beautiful, and so deserving of our love. I cannot help but be overwhelmed with how amazing it is to think that God loves me. My heart overflows with this song.


Phil Wickham – You’re Beautiful

Lyircs provided by AZLyrics.com

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