Sunny Days

After a long break, I once again have felt the urge to begin writing. Recently it has been the only thing on my mind. At work I find myself reaching for a pen during every free moment. I actually spent an empty twenty odd minutes jotting down a potential chapter for a fictional story on the back of scrap receipt paper! Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, my writings don’t have the same spirit if they are fictional. It is rather hard for me to share emotions with a world that doesn’t yet exist. I cannot justify being a creator if it involves anything other than rainbows and butterflies. I want to live in the sun and allow my characters to have a carefree time, but I cannot think of a single story that does not involve conflict. Surely, then, the conflict must be a good thing? It allows our characters to grow and learn, to have the opportunity to stand up again after being knocked down. It gives them the courage to have a voice, to know that they deserve better. So then why do we not view conflict in our own lives in this manner? Why are we always so willing to turn and run at the first sign of trouble? As people, we have conditioned ourselves into waiting for the storm to pass. We sit around grumbling about the dark colors, waiting for the sun to appear again. Why are we not taking these opportunities to be our own suns? We have our own strengths that can shine through in times of turmoil, yet we don’t ever use them. We wait for the sun to come around again, we wait for someone else to pull us out of the rough patches, and we refuse to see the beauty in shadows.

Why do we continue to allow ourselves to limit our opportunities for happiness? What can we do differently? We stress so much over having time and money. When we have the time, we don’t have the money etc, etc. -We deny ourselves happiness because we do not know how to be happy- We put so much of our efforts into worrying about having time to do this, or money to afford that. When we DO have the time or the money, we don’t know how to use it. So we find something else to complain about. We have conditioned ourselves into accepting dissatisfaction as a form of comfort.

I hope to point out the truths that hide in plain sight. The things we never thought we would find ourselves doing. We can learn what happiness looks like, how to seize opportunities, and how to live in the moment.

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